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#AUDCAD 19 04 2021#AUDCAD 19 04 2021

Over the year starting in April 2020, the price has risen in an uptrend. The growth began after the breakdown of the support level of 0.915. After that, the price successively broke through the 2012 support line – 0942, then the 2019 resistance line – 0.962. And as a result, it stopped at the resistance line of January 2012 at 0.998. And from this point a new fall began. Having fallen from the strong resistance of 0.998, the price broke through the resistance line at 0.971 again. after which it stopped at a small support line in August 2020 – 0.954. It fixed itself on it and again grew to resistance. Now the price is at the resistance points of 0.972 and I expect it to fall again. Thus, my final target is the 0.955 support line.

#USDCHF 19-04-2021

#USDCHF 19 04 2021

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#GBPUSD 19 04 2021

#GBPUSD 19-04-2021

After the price came to the resistance zone 1.417, formed at the intersection of the 2018 and 2013 lines, at the end of February, it fell. During the fall, the price formed a downtrend. Falling in this trend, the price was able to break through the resistance line of December 2018 at 1.384. Then it dropped to the support trend line 1.369. The price pushed off from this line into a new growth. In the course of this growth, it was able to break through and consolidate on the April 2020 support line of 1.375. Then she showed good growth. Now the price is near the 1.388 resistance zone where the January 2021 trend line and the December 2018 resistance line intersect. I expect the price to touch this zone first and then start to fall. It will break through the 1.377 support line and go down to the 1.369 support line. This will be our goal.

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#XAUUSD 19 04 2021

After the second touch of the strong support level 1679.67, the price has grown strongly. During this growth, it was able to break through the support line 1737.43 and consolidate on it at the point 1729.55. After such a successful breakout and consolidation, the price continued to rise and now we see that it has come to the resistance trend line 1782.11. This is the line of the major downtrend that has been formed since August 2020. The only breakdown of this line occurred in January 2021 due to the news agenda. Therefore, now I expect that the price will not be able to break through the line and will reverse from it in the fall. I expect the price to fall from the resistance line 1782.11, break the support line 1717.72 and come to the support level 1679.67. This will be our goal.

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