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The Importance of Forex Money Management

Forex trading isn’t all about getting the right analytics and strategies. In fact, a great deal of trading in this financial market is actually about solid forex money management. Managing your funds correctly is what will ensure that you keep your account going — and there are many things that can potentially threaten your forex[…]

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How to Kick-Start your Trading Career with Forex Signals

The forex market is the largest and most accessible financial market in the world. Despite it’s enormous popularity, there is actually only a small percentage of investors who become successful forex traders. Trading Career with Forex Signals  – This is why forex signals are becoming an increasingly popular option. The reasons for failure are similar[…]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Candlestick Trading

Before you can get started with candlestick trading, it’s important first to have a basic understanding of what it is and why it’s useful. In our beginner’s guide, you’ll pick up the key points of the importance of these patterns, reading the different patterns, and how to get trading using candlesticks. Understanding Forex Charts To[…]

leverage trade forex

Understanding Leverage BEFORE You Trade Forex!

Leverage is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands -- but it's also incredibly dangerous to inexperienced traders. Virtually all large forex brokers will offer you leveraged trading, but you need to understand the ramifications of trading with leverage before you trade forex. Leverage allows you to effectively trade more money than you have[...]
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What to Look for in a Forex Signal Provider

Once you’ve made the decision to use forex trading signals you still need to find the right forex signal provider. There are dozens of popular forex signal providers and hundreds (if not thousands!) of smaller ones. Choosing a reliable provider requires you to weigh-up a number of factors and do a little research – as with any online service. Luckily, once[…]