3 Steps to Incorporate Trading Psychology Signals

Daily FX Signals – Sure, keeping score of your stats is awesome. But numbers are just gonna be numbers and they don’t really tell the whole story.

If you’ve already caught yourself thinking that you’re doing something wrong over and over again but you don’t know what it is, maybe it’s time you start a psychological journal too!

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You know how the market has tendencies?

Well, in the same way that it tends to react to market events and environments in certain ways, individual traders also have repetitive reactions and behavioral tendencies. However, we often overlook them and how they may be affecting our trading performance.

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See, through our lifetime we’ve developed coping mechanisms to help us deal with distress.

For example, the first time you jumped into a pool you’ve learned that the water could be unbearably cold. To avoid repeating the shocking experience, you’ve learned to dip your toes first before jumping in.

Eventually, coping mechanisms like these turn into habits and come off naturally when we are faced with similar situations.

Although we subconsciously develop these knee-jerk reactions to keep us from feeling pain, they may also lead us to make bad/impulsive trading decisions.

Think about it. How many times have you closed a winning trade early the second the market moved against you by a few pips?

And you’ve probably beaten yourself up for doing it over and over again even though you knew that you could have ended your last trade with a bigger win had you followed your plan.

Key Patterns Of Price Action

This is why you should have a psychological journal. It’s a tool that will help you recognize your character patterns.

If you’re wondering how you can get started, here are a few tips:

1. Describe the current market situation

Try to describe the current market situation and why your trade setup could work in that specific environment.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the dominant market themes right now?
  • Is risk on or off?
  • Am I about to take a trade that’s in line with these themes and risk sentiment?

2. Take note of how you feel

Aside from the market environment, also include your thoughts and emotions while trading.

3. Write down the outcomes

Jot down the outcomes of your trading decisions to help find out what emotions have a positive or negative influence. To pinpoint possible issues, ask questions like:


  • Did you close your trade too early because you were feeling extra impatient that day?
  • Was it difficult for you to concentrate and why?
  • Did you move your stops farther because you were too hungry for a win?
  • Were you feeling confident in your trade idea that you decided to increase your position size?

Bear in mind that the goal is to recognize behavioral patterns and their usual consequences.

From this, you can identify those scenarios that negatively impact your decision-making and just decide to refrain from trading if those patterns recur.

Soon enough you’ll be able to build enough awareness of these behavioral patterns, clearly identify what causes you distress, and be able to keep those situations from damaging your trading account.

Sure, it may feel funny to write about your feelings at first, but somewhere down the road, you’ll recognize some behavioral patterns.

If you wanna write about having a terrible hair day or having too much coffee in the morning, go ahead! It’s important to note down all the possible factors that could have an impact on your decision-making.

3 Steps to Incorporate Trading Psychology Signals

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3 Steps to Incorporate Trading Psychology Signals