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June 6, 2019 in Forex Signals Trading

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How much can you earn as a forex affiliate marketer?

There’s a lot of money in the financial markets known as the Capital Markets.

And we’re sure you’d like to get yourself a good amount of it. At $5.11 trillion per day industry, The Forex Market is huge!

And that’s only foreign exchange (forex). It doesn’t include the CFD’s market or Spread Betting!

One way to get involved is through affiliate marketing via Regulated Forex Brokers. It’s low-cost. But how much can you earn as a forex affiliate is the question you ask?

Whilst it’s impossible to give you exact figures we have gathered a few examples for you. All are based on real world from various affiliate forums. We’ve taken their forex affiliate earnings and worked backwards.

Affiliates vs. IBs ( Introducing Brokers)
Affiliates and Introducing Brokers (IB’s) are similar in the sense that they are both partners of the forex broker. However, they also make money when traders they send to the firm trade fx. You will see that some forex brokers have separate areas for IB’s and others for affiliates whilst other forex broker will just have one or the other. This is where everyone gets confused and does not understand the difference between the two!

Forex Affiliates simply refer the traders to the brokerage firm. The affiliate will earn on Cost Per Action (CPA) and| or revenue share. The forex affiliate referral process can easily be automated. After a referral takes place; the affiliate has no risk whatsoever. IB’s ( Introducing Brokers) provide real services to the traders they refer. It is much less likely the IB ( Introducing Brokers) will have any say of the process that’s auto. Forex affiliates are less involved in the services of the forex broker | IBs ( Introducing Brokers) use their services as grounding for the connection.

What is Forex or Forex Affiliate Program? 

Let me tell you about fx first. Forex is nothing but a currency trading like the stocks where shares are traded, in forex, currencies are traded for immense profit. World currencies are traded for example like euro, dollar, yen, pound etc.

 All examples are exactly that, examples. They do not represent any guarantees of return or promises of success. The income figures are not verified and have been posted by users who we do not know. All information below is based on projections. We cannot be help responsible for the below information given!

Example 1: Sarah Smith making $11,000/m

Monthly income: $11,000

Affiliate for: forexAffiliate

Commission structure: program offers $500 CPA (not sure what CPA means?)

Conversion rate: program states they convert 27% of leads

With Sarah’s income figure of $11,000 for a month’s activities, we can see that she must have had 25 referrals.

If the program consistently converts 27% of it’s leads then Sarah must have sent them approximately 97 quality leads in the month.

Sarah may have a website with great content and traffic.  Or a landing page with paired with a PPC campaign.

Example 2: Nicky earning $450-650/pm * roughly

Monthly income: $350-610

Commission structure: revenue share

What’s interesting about Nicky’s example is that he mentions he makes $4,000-$7,000 per year from advertising he did four years before.

He has done no further paid advertising, writing or website promos. He signed up to an affiliate program, promoted his link through paid advertising.


Congratulations on choosing the largest and most profitable industries for affiliate marketers by FxPremiere. As with any lucrative industry; big profits come with competition.

Every time searching the internet for various forex ideas you will find a forex affiliate website. Discovering the website receives a good amount of organic or PPC traffic and is regularly updated. This shows me that the website owner is making money. No nonsense of course. However; good updated  and fresh new content and traffic are the two things affiliates need to make money. Regularly with some large forex brokers and the affiliate account manager will confirm that a large number of their affiliates will earn $20k/month or more with some earning in the $40k-$60k/month range and top affiliates earning over $200k/month.

Keep in mind that forex signal or general forex trading with forex traders are a residual income stream for the affiliate industry. When the trader has left your website and signs up for a demo  and or live account and then moves to a real account or straight to a real account depending on how fast he or she wants to trade live, You as an affiliate then get paid on each real trade; for the life of the trader. This is EXTREMELY powerful. Very few other industries offer passive income to this extent!

Trading is very difficult in Forex. Being an affiliate is easy as all you need is good traffic online. Most new (uneducated) traders make little to no money while other (experienced) traders earn big amounts. Most affiliates will make money regardless.

Getting Started In Forex Affiliate Marketing World
Getting started in forex signals or forex affiliate marketing is the easy start. However the hard part is to bring real targeted traffic to the forex broker. Takes time to see profits in the trading forex affiliate arena.

What You Will Need To Get Started As A Forex Affiliate:
1. A Website
2. Domain Name by a hosting provider
3. Traffic Hosting
4. Email List Programmes
5. Design Of The Website – WordPress Theme etc
6. Affiliate Programs such as ours
7. Marketing And Optimization tools

Forex Affiliates Should also Have:
• Facebook Page/s
• LinkedIn Page/s
• Twitter Page/s
• YouTube Channel/s
• UNIQUE fresh weekly Content



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