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BitCoin News

Bitcoin price is a distraction, quoted Silver Lake’s Mr Genn Hutchins says opportunity lies in the companies behind the cryptocurrency gold rush big technology investor himself.


The immense ride of the bitcoin price shaked thousands in the finance industry in 2017; but according to an investor Glenn Hutchins, one of the biggest establishment names. To venture into the Wild West world of cryptocurrencies, this is just noise that distracts from the bigger developments that are taking place.

BitCoin News

Mr Glenn Hutchins, the co-founder of Silver Lake Partners, a big technology-focused private equity firm, is far more excited by the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem than he is by bitcoin smashing through price records with a view of a bigger hidden agenda no one sees.

While Mr Hutchins has made about $5.2m on a series of early-stage investments in companies operating in the cryptocurrency world — and is looking to invest more in the immense industry, he says he has yet to buy a single bitcoin himself, noting that Ethereum and LiteCoin will follow suit.

FxPremiere Group decided to push on the news to elaborate to the general public that Bitcoin News on the bigger picture is growing online.

People all arorund the world are just missing the point . . . They should be talking about the companies, Bitcoin could turn out to be the winner; it also could turn out to be Betamax. of drops.

Mr Glenn Hutchins is not the biggest or earliest investor in the digital markets investment spectrum on currency world. The Winklevoss twins’ bitcoin bet has now turned into a billion-dollar fortune at least on paper.

If this thing takes off, one of these will be Google, one of these will be Amazon, one of these will be Yahoo

Glenn Hutchins

CryptoCurrency te bigger picture

Where bitcoin represents the box car. The cryptographic bitcoin protocol is the actual blockchain; whereby the underlying decentralised technology that underpins the digital currency is the cargo manifest. But instead of moving barrels of paraffin, this ecosystem can in theory facilitate financial transactions instantaneously and cost-free, he says.

“It’s the biggest opportunity I’ve seen because the two most important things are business information and value. We can now move information around the world at the speed of light at no cost. and with no regulation.

BitCoin is a front to other bigger news

Mr Hutchins refers to his investments as his “skunk works”, a nod to Lockheed Martin’s radical tech laboratory founded during second world war. His first foray came in early 2016, when he invested in Digital Currency Group.

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