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Buy Ripple Now

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Buy Ripple (XRP)
There have been 3 eras of currencies – the first was based on commodity, the second on political motives and now it is the age of currency based purely on Arithmetic – Cryptocurrencies – Buy Ripple Now

With the cryptocurrency community receiving adulation from all over the world, one name has shone brighter than the others. The name of this global settlement network is Ripple and it is deemed to boost global liquidity of money by permitting transfers across the globe to happen at record speeds and fees.

Why Buy Ripple Now ?

Ripple has reduced the old system of transferring money via SWIFT or Western Union to something of the past.

After proving itself to be a great platform, Ripple is now fixated completely on collaborating with banks, presenting them with a more effective and lucrative way to direct immediate payments globally.

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin And Ripple?

Bitcoin is still the king of cryptocurrencies, particularly when it comes to price rises and press coverage. But there are several pretenders vying for the throne, and one of them is Ripple – Buy Ripple Now

But what exactly is Ripple, what makes it different from Bitcoin – and why do some people not consider it to be a cryptocurrency in the truest sense? And, as always, remember that investing in cryptocoins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone considering it should be prepared to lose their entire investment.

Ripple Network v XRP

The first thing that needs addressing is that Ripple itself is not a cryptocurrency in the same way as for example Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin are. Ripple is actually a payment settling system, designed to provide a faster, more transparent and secure alternative to those already used by banks, for example, the SWIFT payment system.

 Ripple known as XRP

XRP – which is the actual cryptocurrency – is a token which is used on the Ripple network to facilitate transfers of money between different currencies. Existing settlement systems generally use US dollars as a common currency for converting between other currencies. This incurs currency exchange fees and takes time – which is why bank transfers between accounts in different countries often take up to three days to process.

By first converting the value of the transfer into XRP, rather than USD, exchange fees are eliminated and processing of payments is reduced to seconds.

Banks including Fidor Bank, Santander, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and a consortium

of 61 Japanese banks have all said that they are trialing or implementing applications utilizing the Ripple Network payment system.

How does XRP differ from Bitcoin?

XRP is a token used for representing transfer of value across the Ripple Network. Through a smart contract system (Escrows), one billion coins are made available to the cryptocurrency trading markets every month (and unsold ones go back). This mimics the regulated increase in the supply of Bitcoin (the mechanism which has caused the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket) without necessitating the vast usage of energy caused by Bitcoin mining.

In fact, technically Ripple does not even use a blockchain – the fundamental technology underpinning Bitcoin and most other decentralized cryptocurrencies Buy Ripple Now .

This – along with the fact that tokens were all created by the creators of the Ripple Network itself, rather than being mined by anyone with the CPU power to join in – means that some do not consider Ripple to be a truly decentralized system in the same way as Bitcoin.

Buy Ripple Now


Where can I spend Ripple’s XRP?

Ripple was never designed to be a currency or a method of payment. However, there is a small list of merchants which accept payment in XRP tokens online. For example, you can buy honey, hot sauces and jewelry.

Ripple has certainly gained a lot of momentum and the list of organizations which are using it indicates that the tokens themselves will become valued commodities in their own right. In fact, last year, the increase in value of one XRP token outperformed Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. At the start of 2017 one XRP was valued $0.006. They peaked, at the start of this year, at £3.87, before quickly crashing down to their current value of around $1 per XRP.


Here Are Two Reasons To Buy Ripple (XRP) Right Now

On January 17, 2018, Ripple (XRP) dipped to less than $0.92 a piece. From highs above $3.80, this represented an overarching decline of more than 75%. Since then, however, the lows have proven to be just that and the coin has recovered substantially.

Right now, XRP changes hands for around $1.35 – a more than 46% premium to the January 17 pricing.

In the last twenty-four hours alone, we’ve seen Ripple climb more than 10% against BTC and around 4% versus the USD, with volume across this period hitting $1.47 billion and the coin’s total market cap reaching $52 billion.

CryptoCurrency Facts, Myths, Tips, and Tricks

We think that this recent action marks a real turnaround point for Ripple and its coin and, as a result, we see current pricing as a strong opportunity to pick up a cheap exposure to XRP heading forward.

That’s long-term, sure, but there’s also a near-term catalyst that just hit press that is going to facilitate a large influx of speculative volume flowing towards the coin and, in turn, could serve as a catalyst to compound the current recovery-based momentum and really get the coin moving back up towards the above-mentioned highs.

Litecoin What It Is & How It Works

So what are we thinking?

Well, first, let’s address the near-term catalyst.

Ripple just reported that BitOasis is set to allow trading in XRP for all of its users, starting January 30, 2018 – so, from tomorrow. BitOasis is one of the largest exchanges in the world, having first launched back in 2014, at which point it became the first digital asset exchange in the MENA region (which, for anyone not familiar with the term, is an acronym for Middle East and North Africa and refers to the oil and natural resource-rich region).

CryptoCurrencies – Trading Signals

With interest in XRP at pretty much an all-time high, there’s no doubt a large base of MENA-centric individuals looking to gain exposure to the coin and the company that’s behind it, and the BitOasis listing will offer this base an opportunity to do exactly that.

So that’s the near-term catalyst, but there’s more to the story today.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted the large number of pilot programs that Ripple is running, each of which is set up to investigate the potential impact of certain companies adopting its core technology, XRP, or both.

These pilot programs are going to pave the way for mass adoption of XRP and Ripple technology, meaning their outcome is extremely important for the future of the coin and, in turn, the success of any investment in XRP at this point in time.


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