CryptoCurrency vs Forex

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CryptoCurrency vs Forex

CryptoCurrency Signals

CryptoCurrency vs Forex is one of the most spoken topics since 2015. Its subject has brought international investors into groups meeting at hotel lobbies to discuss the S.W.O.T. ( Strengthds, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in regards to the comparison.

CryptoCurrency vs Forex

Few years ago, when I first heard about Bitcoin LiteCoin etc, I rejected the idea completely as a pro trader in the Financial Markets. I believed that there is no chance for that to survive in this network of the markets. When you read about forex inventors through the historical events of the timeline, they faced big time resistance. Same rejection faced the newcomer once it was opened in 2008 by ‘Satochi Nakamoto”. However, Bitcoin set itself up as the best forex trade in the markets as it has reached 19,000,000% in 7 just years.

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Cryptocurrencies digital products sound complicated; even if we want to know more on the security of this markets system and the legal aspects. In this article we focus on LiteCoin / Bitcoin as the leading first coin of its type followed by other further  crytpocurrencies such as DASH, Ripple, Ethereum etc. We will discover all about cryptocurrencies,  the legal situation and how to analyze and trade cryptocurrency vs Forex.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency known as several digital coins in the world of digital markets is a digital currency asset, executed electronically and by no chance physically. It is not issued or subsided to any governmental body; however, it is decentralized currency using block chains cryptography to circulate peep to peer without the supervision of central banks, in a short time with low cost also known as Cryptocurrency

The genesis of cryptocurrency. On Nov 1st 2008, just a month after the collapse of financial capital forex markets, a published article under anonymous blogger “Satochi Nakamoto” issues a peer to peer article. The general idea of the 11 pages explained cryptocurrency as a system that can execute and replace all financial transitions online without going to the banking system by inventing a cryptic digital coin system, a genius idea that made huge noise in the talks amongst the big boys in the financial markets.

CryptoCurrency Forex News

It is obvious that the banking system holds a lot of messed up issues they could never fix so it naturally surfaced despite modern technology. The reasons are endless: tax system corrupt, terrorism well that’s a different subject all together, money laundering which is immense as the years progress, high costs of money transfer however some firms are covering this now and insolvency of third world countries leading them to restrict money transfer in many cases. So basically Mr Satoshi Nakamoto found a solution for the dinosaur banking system.

Cryptocurrency Mechanism

Cryptocureny as ‘Bitcoin’ using what is called ‘Block Chains’ Systems in case the coin holder decides to transfer it to another. ‘Block Chains’ are a huge ledger of cryptocurrency deals arranged in data batches called “blocks like bricks”. That occurs through cryptographic algorithmic equations called “chains simply speaks for itself”. In other words these chains are like serial numbers for every transaction like scan code, which enables “miners” to monitor the process of processing.

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The cryptocurrency trading process include four parties; the MAIN issuer as Bitcoin, the currency buyer known as the transferee the new buyer transferee and between the transferor and the transferee there is the “Miner the worker”. The word “Miner” came from the verb in the dictionary which im sure most are not familiar with “mine” like gold mining or coal mining.

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CryptoCurrency vs Forex – To this day thousands of transactions are taking place every milisecond for transferring cryptocurrencies and soon it will be billions a second. Unlike FOREX brokers, investment central banks that have back-office to follow clients’ transactions does not work the same with crypto, ‘The cryptocurrency issuer’ can’t monitor every single transaction with the main result they have agreements with private technological companies that keep this fluctuating date private from governments, the miners, which are responsible to monitor these peer to peer transactions see all though Read more on Forex Crypto Currency Signals.

The first digital coin introduced was the Bitcoin and today it remains as the standard that all other coins compare themselves to. After came Litecoin, so stand as the top 2 highly valued coins on the capital market. There are many other coins also reaching a high-level market share such as Ethereum,Dash and Ripple

bitcoin-fxpremiere-1 CryptoCurrency vs ForexCryptocurrency Legal Frame

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency issued in 2008. It is owned by Saint Bitts located in Saint Kites Island a Company. The Bitcoin will not issue no more than total of 20.9 million unit of it anymore anywhere in the world – Best Forex Signal Provider in the World.

Some banks are extremely reluctant. Other central banks are willing to accept dealing. With the facts on the markets of this table. CryptoCurrency vs Forex The Bank of Japan was the first bank to take the initiative and accept LiteCoin and Bitcoin, Dash and Ripple as a yet legalized mean of payment method. With concerns regarding the security of the blockchain system.

Litecoin-fxpremiere-1 CryptoCurrency vs ForexBitcoin Transaction Processing

You might have heard a lot of stories about people that made fortune after buying Bitcoins.

Now, Cryptocurrencies trading system is still not complete. The reason FX and stocks are dynamics is because they can be done instantly by the authority. Clearance authority will let you do transactions instantly, Bitcoin dynamic is still not resilient yet. Recently, CryptoCurrency vs Forex FX brokers started to put some cryptocurrencies on their trading platforms. This feature gives you the choice to speculate on the cryptocurencies with the marginal system.

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cryptocurrency-vs-forex CryptoCurrency vs ForexAnalyzing Bitcoin

It is important to classify “cryptocurrency” under one of five major classes of financial capital digital markets which are stocks, fixed income, currencies, and commodities, CFD’s. Definitely no one needs time to discover that it does not belong to the fixed income class – CryptoCurrency vs Forex.

cryptocurrency-vs-forex-signals CryptoCurrency vs Forex

From 2009, the starting date of Bitcoin to 2011, gold was bullish and Bitcoin had no big momentum by that market time, but then in the end of 2012 to 2016 gold was bearish while Bitcoin surged.

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Comparing BTC/USD to the dollar index, from 2009 – 2014 as the Bitcoin was stable and no movement over it. Starting from 2015 the Dollar and Bitcoin have positive correlation.

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