ECB Rate Decision with Outlook for EURO

ECB Rate Decision with Outlook for EURO

ECB Rate Decision with Outlook for EURO by FxPremiere Group Live Fx Signals sent daily via SMS & Email.

Talking Points by FxPremiere Group:

– Start of 2017, see ECB change policy or alter course is on the horizon.

– ECB President Mario Draghi’s press conference matters more than the rate decision itself today.
Webinar Schedule for Week of January 15 – 20th, 2017.

Monday, 7:31 EDT/12:33 GMT: FX Week Ahead: Strategy for Major Event Risk

Wednesday, 7:31 EDT/12:33 GMT: Central Bank Weekly

Wednesday, 8:17 EDT/13:14 GMT: Live Event Coverage: US Consumer Price Index

Thursday, 7:31 EDT/12:34 GMT: Live Event Coverage: European Central Bank Rate Decision

First meeting after the ECB changed policy in December 2016, as well as the fact that there aren’t any new staff economic projections – SEPs due out today, with the scope for the ECB to act at this forex meeting.

ECB President Mr Mario Draghi is likely to balance out his optimism over near-term economic data vs long-term concerns about the political scene in EU and inflation that remains barely positive. Economic data has been improving in recently with great changes on the horizon. The Euro Zone Citi Economic Index last week at +74.4, up from +71.9 a week earlier and up from +63.7 a month earlier on December 16th 2016. One of President Mario Draghi’s favorite measures of inflation, 5 year inflation swap moving forward, on a price of 1.748% at the end of last week from 1.667%.




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If data continues to improve in 2017, we would expect ECB pressure to move back away from its most volatile levels easing policies would increase.

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