EURUSD Price Is Breaking Up

EURUSD Price Analysis – April 13 by
Should the Bulls defend the support level of $1.18, the price may increase to test the resistance level of $1.19 which may extend to $1.20 and $1.22 levels.

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EURUSD Price Is Breaking Up $1.18EUR/USD Market

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $1.19, $1.20, $1.22 Trading eur/usd Support levels: $1.18, $1.17, $1.16

EURUSD Long-term Trend: Bullish # EURUSD Price Will Resistance Level at $1.20 Holds
EURUSD is bullish on the long term outlook. A few weeks ago, the bears dominated the EURUSD market to the extent that there was little or no provision for the Bulls. The bearish momentum pushed down the price to the low support level of $1.16. A bullish reversal candle pattern called “bullish engulfing” emerged. The bull’s pressure increased and pushed up the price to reach the $1.18 price level.

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EURUSD Sell order 23 02 2021

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Forex Signals EURUSD Price Hits Resistance

EURUSD Price Is Breaking Up