Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ – Known as Frequently Asked Questions on FX Signals are sent Daily via Telegram Only!

How many Forex Signals per week can I expect?

Up to 15 Signals per day | PREMIUM SIGNALS CHANNELS

How much money do I need to start?

Assuming a Demo Account – We recommend you start with a minimum of €250. The minimum deposit of the broker that we recommend is $100. Sign up here

If trading our signals on a live account remember you are fully at risk as we only send signals as we are not a manage fund site.

Are FX Signals for intraday, swing or position trading?

Our Source strategies work on several time frames from minute to daily, so their holding times can be considered from short-term intraday to longer-term position trading.

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What are FX Signals Strategies based on?

Each strategy is based on a particular combination of set-ups based on price levels and patterns, technical indicators, or economic events.

How can I execute the FX Signals?

Once you receive the signal through the Telegram group, you can enter or exit the trade manually on the trading platform of your choice. We periodically inform our users on the number of open trades, the overall exposure, and the level of leverage, so you can check with your own account.

Are FX Signals 100% automated?

Not at all. While the robots can enter and exit trades totally on their own, we do apply a discretionary layer on top of them. Each dinosaur is a combination of a strategy, a currency pair, and a trade direction (buy or sell). We may switch them on and off depending on the direction we want them to trade, or we can switch a robot completely off. In some cases we may abort a trade at its beginning or we may liquidate a trade before the system closes it automatically.

If you are looking to automate the Telegram signals onto your Metatrader 4 or 5 platform. You can now do so simply by registering here.

Which assets do you trade?

Our sources currently trade most currency pairs, not only majors but also non USD cross pairs. There is always a reason behind the pairs we choose. In order to make profits, it’s important for us to use less traded pairs where inefficiencies are easier to capture. Because lesser traded pairs are in fact synthetic pairings, they deviate a lot more from the mean.

What is the minimum capital needed to trade these signals?

Many sources start with 1k demo or real in sympathy with many traders who are probably testing the service with similar humble amounts of money. In this account we are using one micro lot (1k) for each trade and we usually have between 15 and 30 open trades. If your starting balance is below 1k, we advise to trade in units instead of micro lots.

What kind of money management technique do you use?

Our sources use a fixed size for each trade. The trade size is increased and decreased periodically depending on the equity. We like to maintain our effective leverage below 30:1. It’s important to know that we do not use a fixed fractional position sizing (risking a fixed percentage of the equity per trade).

Take in consideration that even if markets are fractal and patterns emerge in all time frames, the probability of a 10-pip stop loss to be triggered is much greater than a 100-pip stop loss. That’s based on liquidity and that’s the “material” side of markets beyond levels seen. So risking, let’s say, 2.2% for 11 pip is not the same as risking 111 pips!!

How much leverage do you use?

We periodically inform about our effective leverage (the ratio between the size of all open positions and the account’s equity) and number of open positions to give our audience a feel for what level of risk to assume. We also repeatedly inform that open positions can go up to 30, so users should keep sufficient available margin.

What does a dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit mean?

Most positions do not have an explicit SL or TP at the moment of entry. Our source signal systems have conditional stops and targets. A conditional exit (a SL or TP) is a set of technical conditions that trigger the system to close a trade. Most of our systems have several ways to get out of a trade: the price is at a technical confluence; oscillators cross a threshold; the volatility regime changes, etc. A conditional exit is therefore not a price level.

Why do I receive signals for the same pair in opposite directions?

Different strategies may open trades in opposite directions. Eoraptor for instance works on daily data, so it’s quite long-term, while Dracoraptor is based on 1-hr charts and will exit trades much sooner. In order to trade the FX Signals you will need to hedge positions. Make sure your broker or jurisdiction allows hedging.

Do I have to trade all the FX Signals?

No, you don’t. You are free to select those signals you want to execute on your trading platform. Bear in mind though, by doing this your performance will be different from ours. We also recommend never go all-in with just one or two trades. Betting the farm on just a couple trades puts you in a weak situation, very exposed to noise and chaos.

I’m following all your signals but my performance is different from yours. Why?

Depending on when you joined the service your individual performance may be different from ours. The reason is quite simple: a little less than 11% of our trades are held for weeks if not months. They condition the performance of the equity. In some cases, a new user might find he or she is not making money because his or her portfolio is still different from ours.

What is the Stop Loss (SL)? FAQ

It is the value where the operation will close with losses, we must move it as explained here

What is a pip? FAQ

It is the smallest movement that a type of change can make. It is the unit in which the losses or gains are measured.

How much is a pip worth? FAQ

If we operate the currency EUR / USD with a rating of 0.01. A movement of one pip would be 0.10 USD. If we operate with a lot of 0.10, for each movement of a pip it would be 1 USD, If we operate with a loj of 1.00 each movement of a pip would be 10 euros

What is Take Profit (TP)?FAQ

It is the value where the operation will close with profits, we offer 3 TP, we must move it as we explain here

How long is the subscription? FAQ

30 Days from the payment.

What FX signals do you send? FAQ

As a Forex Signals Intermediary, We source over 50 signals. From them we send up to 15 Forex Signals daily via Telegram for Covering EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD, CHF/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, NZD/JPY, GBP/JPY, NZD/USD, GOLD, CRUDE OIL and many more currency pairs.

Am I locked into a contract term?

Absolutely not, it’s a recurring payment subscription system. You can cancel at any time by giving us notice.

Do you offer a free trials?

FAQ – Join our Free Forex Signals Telegram Channel for a free trial.

What should I expect from your service?

You should simply expect to use our FAQ on Forex signals without the need to endlessly sit in front of your computer waiting for a signal. Our Signals are strictly informational purposes only. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Risk Disclosure.

Who is FxPremiere and what should I be aware of?

FxPremiere are a group of Forex industry experts who have used their many years of experience to create forex signals portal and analysis service that sources signal services and then distributes to YOU, the subscriber for a small monthly fee.

What broker do I need to have an account with?

All you need is a Forex broker account with our recommended broker on our Open a Forex Account page.

Are there any restrictions in using FxPremiere signals?

No. You may use any broker you wish. Our currency signals can work on any trading platform at your own risk fully.

Does FxPremiere Forex Currency signals experience draw downs?

Our Signal sources can have fluctuations. Draw downs are part of any profitable hypothetical trading strategy. A trader must be comfortable with periodic draw down to trade within the Forex market. That is why risk management is crucial.

Are FxPremiere Forex signals completely automated? FAQ

Our Forex Signals are all manually researched and sent to you by Telegram daily as intermediary to the Forex Signals Arena only. We do not generate Signals ourselves.

How do I cancel my signals subscription? FAQ

Email us on and we will cancel for you.

Which Forex signal provider should you use? FAQ

Instead of subscribing to several Forex Signals sites. Many come to us as they see the combination of signals from all sources.

Why we do not use Myfxbook? FAQ

We are an intermediary to the Forex Signals Arena. Over 50 signal sources come in and we distribute for a small fee.

Alongside the fact that, lets just say with so many sources of forex analysts working together globally to bring you the very best Telegram Channels, its impossible to add all analysts broker accounts in one. Not to mention our analysts keep private.

Think of it as ALL Sources of Forex Signals and Analysis funneled down to our 11 Analysts who then re analyse the signals and sources and post the on the Members Telegram Channel.

We offer no refunds as our services are instant delivery and Digital Intangible services.

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