December 3, 2015

Become a Forex Introducing Broker

Become a Forex Introducing Broker in FX

Become a Forex Introducing Broker and start earning commission off every referring client you send to open up a Forex trading account.

Sign up below to generate a tracking link, then simply direct your prospects.

Become a Forex Introducing Broker

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Best Forex Introducing Broker

Why work with FxPremiere as an Introducer:

  • Weekly Commission
  • Frequent IB Commission Payments
  • Sub IBs rebates are equal to 20% of the spread or commission charged to the client
  • Our recommended broker has one of the highest leverages in the industry
  • up to 1:1000, depending on account types.
  • Higher leverage increases your profit potential but also your exposure to risk.
  • Your Own Personal Relationship Manager
  • Access to Select Partner Tools
  • Access to Powerful Back Office
  • Multi Account Manager
  • Customised Commission Plan
  • High Volume Deposits and Round Turn Lots
  • Free Reporting Tools
  • Free web banners and advertising material
  • Competitive spreads
  • Flexible leverage up to 1:500
  • Simple registration
  • Fast execution
  • Free daily market analysis support
  • Multilingual support
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal options

Become a Forex Introducing Broker – The Forex Introducing Broker Program is suitable for both individuals and corporations seeking to grow their business and build a strong client portfolio. All you have to do is refer clients to our partner broker, and we will reward you for it. Each time one of your referred clients makes a trade, you will receive a commission. The program comes at no cost, it’s available to all our registered clients and is the perfect first step to building a vast network of partners. Our Partners provide a complete range of accounts that cater for all your trading needs. Offering Standard, Pro Accounts, Cent, ECN, ECN MT5 and ECN Zero accounts. Plus Swap Free conditions available on all account types. Become a Forex Introducing Broker.



What is an Forex Introducing Broker?

An Introducer is the term given to someone who introduces new clients to a firm and is compensated for doing so. For each trade your introduced clients make with our partner broker, you will receive a commission.

How the Forex IB program works

  1. An IB program is an agreement established which provides online training and other online PR material such as banners, widgets, etc. A customer registration link is also created for the IB aimed at the client for live account registration. The IB has an online database portal created by the our partner broker to track client registrations and deposits, become an introducing broker today! Become a Forex Introducing Broker.
  2. The IB identifies new clients through his/her own channels and private network using online social media such as Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Business Schools, Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneur groups etc. and promotes services and products as delivered by the Broker. The Introducing Broker is free to pursue leads in any way he feels will be beneficial to both his/her portfolio.
  3. The client registers a live trading account on the website of our partner broker through the link provided by the IB and may ask questions direct to the broker or the IB. The IB may allow the FX broker to act as single point of contact in generating customer service for the client. In this way the IB is able to receive maximum support from us as well as continuing to drive new business.
  4. Equally, the IB may choose to act as the single point of contact for all his/her clients in a customer service role. Some IB’s create their own trading competitions and training material besides acting as signal providers affiliates while others are happy to be the “middle man” in generating leads for the broker.
  5. A number of IB’s are traders in their own right and are able to create trading clubs or social trading groups which also enhance income.

Why Become an Introducing Broker?

By becoming an Introducing Broker you can expand your business, build a large network of clients and increase your earnings by following a simple set of steps. It also includes a number of special perks such as having the ability to view your rebates in detail in the Introducers Panel, your personal space on our website.

Master Introducing Broker in Forex

Being introduced to an IB also helps with the opening of a Forex signals account with a regulated broker giving you spreads and prices that are extremely competitive. The main feature with using an IB is that you are introduced to a regulated Forex Signals Broker. As there are many unregulated forex brokers the idea is to make sure you are using a genuine broker who may be registered with FCA, CFTC, CySec, BAFiN, MiFID etc.

Why sign up with FxPremiere?

FxPremiere is a trustworthy FX signals provider that has educated subscribers from all over the Forex world. We only form partnerships with reliable and trusted brokers. If you sign up as an IB with our trusted broker, you will get access to a trusted and proven service. We have been researching and testing FX firms since May 2002, and have had much success with our IB’s.

Just be sure to check that you are permitted by your countries laws to open an account with our recommended broker as FxPremiere is not a Forex broker, and we take no responsibility. Every country has its restrictions, e.g. following US laws and regulations; our preferred broker does not accept US clients.

What are the benefits of joining our IB program?

  • Work with a highly respected broker with full automated execution, segregated account and the promise that you will be taken seriously for coming through FxPremiere.
  • Earn extra income from referring traders. Income is continuous dependent upon your introduced clients trades.
  • Work for yourself in your own time.
  • Work with a global brand and stand-out as a successful entrepreneur while gaining market recognition
  • Access to the IB Marketing Portal. Download material to create attractive websites which add genuine value for your visitors.
  • Access to Analytics. Keep track of how many of your client visitors have registered and the volumes they have traded with our Hybrid IB portal.

Payment conditions

  • Earn revenue every time your clients trade
  • No dependence upon your clients success
  • Each funded account can generate income
  • A single net deposit can generate $50 in IB Bonus

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