Forex Signal Yen Ticks Down on Economy

Forex Signal Yen | USD/JPY

Forex Signal Yen Ticks Down

Forex Signal Yen Ticks Down on Economy as FXPremiere Group now follows the main Talking Points on the subject:

Talking Points

  • Jap Yen made immense trading on surplus in Nov 2016.
  • The Balance of Payments sky rocketed on 28th of the month.
  • USD/JPY was dropping fast even with data. Forex Signal Yen.

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The Japnese Yen maintains gains despite the release of supportive Jap Yen trade data, USD/JPY became less strong after US Donald Trump elected conference on data’s implications.

The Japanese Yen dropped little after Dec 2016 assessment. Forex Signal Yen

Donald Trump / Vladimir Putin with Russian leader has returned the compliment as both seem to get on fine and want to work together. Trump has talked about lifting sanctions on Russia and even about joining Russian forces in their assault on anti Assad rebels in Syria region seen.

Ruble has been steadier vs the US Dollar index than many other market indicies this year.

Gains on USD session. USD/JPY

Forex Signal Yen | Modest gains in a tough USD session. USD/JPY

Forex Signal Yen | Modest gains in a tough USD session. USD/JPY

USD/JPY had already trickled down from the 115.50 area as trading in Tokyo continues, and it had got down as far as 114.91 on data seen.

The overall FX market was already leaning towards US Dollar strength after Donald Trump did not stand concrete on policy plans at substantive meetings held with journalists in the US this week.Forex Signal Yen.


Forex Signal Yen | USD/JPY

Forex Signal Yen | USD/JPY

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