Forex Signals Brief for Apr 9th Jobless Claims – US Market Wrap US Equity markets closed the session with a hint of optimism in the air and now the question becomes, will that continue into the holiday weekend?

Forex Signals Brief for Apr 9th Jobless ClaimsWith the Easter break upon us, there is some change investors take some risk off the table given the nature of what the world is facing at the moment.This is bullish for the market, the economy and everyone in reality.

The positive sentiment, saw risk asset catch a bid with the likes of the AUD/USD and WTI outperforming to the upside. They are both bouncing back after being sold off heavily in recent weeks.

While the SPX has regained some territory and there were even some saying we are back in a bull market – which is somewhat optimistic.

Today’s Agenda

Thre is a bit of data due out today and while not the most important thing to be aware of at the moment, we should keep watch particularly with the jobs data.

The ECB minutes will be released and while this is likely not market-moving information, given we pretty much know what it says, keep an eye on the EUR/USD.

Meanwhile, in the UK we get GDP and Manufacturing Production data, which will both be soft, but in truth, are still lagging at the moment. So the GBP/USD will remain focused on the PMs health for the time being – Forex Signals Brief for Apr 9th Jobless Claims.

The big one for today though will be US jobless claims, with the expectation of another ugly number. Anything over 5-6 million could be a reason for another sharp sell-off in equities, so this is really what we must pay attention to as we end the week.

Forex Signal Update

The FX Leaders Team didn’t close any signals yesterday and our open positions are ticking along quietly at the moment.

GBP/USD – Active Signal

The GBP/USD has been steady for now as PM Johnson’s condition improves. It’s also worth tracking the oil price as well as we know there is a correlation between the Pound and Brent.

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