Forex Signals Euro-Zone Current Account Surplus

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FxPremiere Forex Signals Euro-Zone Current Account Surplus with FXPremiere Group SMS Signals for major currency pairs including Gold and US Oil helping traders globally.

Forex Signals Euro-Zone Current Account Surplus

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Talking Points today by FxPremiere Group:

– The Euro-Zone current account surplus drop since in Jan 2017.

– The Euro was untouched by the news.

Euro-Zone current account surplus dropped hard in Jan 2017. With the news is unlikely to appease US President Donald Trump, who has attacked the trade imbalance. Surplus fell sharply to €2.4 billion from a revised €46.8 billion in December 2016 while seasonally-adjusted figures showed a surplus of €24.11 billion, down from a revised €30.9 billion.

Forex Signals Euro-Zone Current Account Surplus

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Donald Trump has expressed alarm about competition of trade deals was high on his agenda when he was running for President. European Central Bank Euro-Zone current account data, quoted it reflected surpluses for goods €23.11 billion. primary income €12.4 billion and services €3.57 billion, which were partly offset by a deficit for secondary income €15.4 billion. The 11- month current account for the period ending in Jan 2017 recorded a surplus of €356.8 billion. 3.7% of Euro-Zone GDP, compared with one of €321.7 billion. (3.4% of Euro-Zone GDP) for the 11 months to Jan 2016.

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