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EURUSD 01 03 2021The price dropped from a strong resistance zone , The 10 hour TF shows that the price has been in a strong growing channel for a long time –

Falling the price approached its middle near the support level of 1.2014, after which it made several bounces and corrections.
Now the price is again at the level in the support zone where the level crosses the line of February 2020. I expect that the price will go down to the support zone , bounce off its lower border at 1.196, after which it will start a new growth and reach the resistance line at 1.258.

GBPUSD 01 03 2021

GBPUSD 01 03 2021

The price started to drop from the strong resistance zone 1.418. This zone consists of two lines, one of which appeared in AUG 2018, and the other in 2013! The price collapsed from these two lines at the beginning of last week and is now in the process of a slight correction, however, we expect that after its completion it will continue to fall, as the resistance zone is very strong.

The price will fall and touch the support zone 1.376.
This line was also formed in 2018 and its chill will be enough to stop the fall and reverse the price. Thus, my final target is the resistance line at 1.415.

fingers crossed

AUDUSD 01 03 2021

AUDUSD 01 03 2021

Last week the price touched the resistance line 0.7989 and after that it collapsed.
During the growth, it managed to break through the resistance line 0.784 and the level 0.777
after which it still stopped at the strong support line 0.771. This support line, like the rest of the lines on the chart, has existed on the chart since spring 2020. Therefore, it is not surprising that the price returned from it to the support level of 0.775.

After such a sharp drop, there will definitely be a corrective growth and I expect the price to rise to the resistance line of 0.787.

EURJPY 01 03 2021

EURJPY 01 03 2021

From April 2020, the price eventually came to the resistance line 130.23, which appeared on the chart in October 2019. Having touched this line, the price reversed and is now in the process of falling. I expect it to go down to the 127.86 support zone first.

This zone is formed by two lines – May 2020 and August 2019. Therefore, I expect that, having touched it, the price will rebound in growth. Thus, my final target is the resistance line 130.69.

Lets see how it goes

XAUUSD 01 03 2021 GOLDXAUUSD 01 03 2021 GOLD

Gold bounced off the 1726.22 support line and returned to the 1750.38 support line.

This is growth after the big collapse that happened last week. The price bounced off a strong support line formed in June /july 2016.

From this line, We expect the price to rise to the resistance zone . The price will first fix on the line in the area of 1745.77, after which it will break through the level of 1800.41 and rise to the resistance line of 1812.75. From this point it will be possible to start a sell deal. Because from there the price will reverse and fall again into the support zone 1732.45 TARGET

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