Forex Trump Trading Explain Asia FX

Forex Trump Trading Explain

Forex Trump Trading Explain Asia FX Talking Points Group Live FX Alerts analysis for today.
FX Asian currencies have been hit with the stronger US Dollar.
But is the Forex Trump Trading Explain Asia FX solely to blame here or shall we look further.
Political uncertainties are not the province of the West. Group | Becoming the World Forex HUB
Many Asian fx currencies have been hit hard with the rising US Dollar as new elected Mr Donald Trumps win in the US presidential electoral role has surprised everyone.

US Dollar – continues winning streak as Federal Reserve outlook turns stronger.
Forex Signals Markets saw Yellen comment steeper rate hike direction.

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Forex Trump Trading Explain Asia FX

The Jap Yen has endured two weeks of falls with USD/JPYs Monday peak of 111.39 was its hardest point since the end of May 2016.

FX in Malaysia’s has had things even worse seen as The US Dollar has risen 5% versus it in November 2016.

Western political views shifting with broad range of political unrest across Asia at the moment.

It’s unusual to see such widespread political issues right across the region at the same time. With Donald Trump trade is undoubtedly behind a lot of the US Dollars power it doesn’t look as though it is the whole story in Asia.



Forex Trump Trading Explain Asia FX


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