Forex, US Yields are Rising Again US Dollar? - Forex Signals

Forex, US Yields are Rising Again US Dollar?

Forex, US Yields

Forex, US Yields are Rising Again US Dollar?

Forex, US Yields are Rising Again US Dollar? – With the US Dollar surging forward in the final months of the Forex financial year, annualized US GDP in Q4 2016 is expected to fall from the prior quarter’s estimate of +3.6% to +2.7%, in part due to forex trade adjustments. However, the FX consensus estimate provided by Bloomberg News may ;Atlanta Federal Reserve GDP Now forecasts quarter’s growth at +2.9%

Regardless, FX either outcome would point to a slowed pace of growth in the world’s largest Forex economy, further highlighting the need for expansive fiscal reformation.

US Dollar’s strength since last year was built on future policy changes. Not so much that data was coming in better than expected – there may be less of an impact here than usual. Indeed, this last point appears to be the reason why the US Dollar has decoupled from short term US yields over the last few weeks.Forex, US Yields .

Gold Prices Need Clarity on US Stance

Talking Points:

  • Gold prices may extend losses if Q4 US GDP forecasts extend higher.
  • Following requires clearer view on fiscal policy trends seen by FxPremiere.
  • Crude oil prices go higher as White House floats on Mexico tariff schedule.Forex, US Yields.

Gold prices are heading for fifth consecutive day of loss, recovering US Dollar. Goldl just can’t seem to move this week. The greenback notably diverged from risk on – off dynamics earlier in the week, but gold suffered all the same as borrowing costs increased. Now, with the US currency on the yields treading water again. Forex, US Yields.

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FX Markets | UK Supreme Court Results

GBP UK Supreme Court Rules on Brexit Hearing today.

The Supreme Court will deliver answers on the application of Miller and Dos Santos vs. the Secretary of State for exiting the European Union. at 09:33 GMT. If, as expected, the Justice’s rule vs the gov and state that they must get the approval of MP’s. and peers before triggering article : 50, a bill is likely to be seen via Parliament to comply with the UK Court’s ruling; Prime Minister Ms Theresa May previously stated that she wants to begin talks exiting the EU by the end of March 2017 . Last week, her speech outlining the governments approach to Brexit, with strong indications that the government was aware of the court’s impending decision. Forex Signals – Pound May Drop.

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