Gold Price Rebound

Gold Price Rebound

Gold Price Rebound speculative Points:

Gold Price Rebound – The Gold prices rise as the US Dollar bond yields fall on soft data seen by Experts in the field. ‘ Best Forex Signals ‘
Also Crude oil prices dropped on API data fears that OPEC deal is amist. Technical analysts working on the Forex Signals for GOLD today. Gold may be on the rise.
Gold prices traded higher as US Dollar weakened vs counterpart bond yields dropped following bad US confidence on consumer data. Technical analysts noticed the ‘HARAMI’ indicator on the platform stating movements in gold.

Crude oil prices also dropped as fears that OPEC deal is to cut. Secretary-General B undecided to overcome input for an exemption from Iraq. Selling after Russian OPEC cutting production is not an option. –

Gold and oil prices by

GOLD TECHNICAL ANALYSIS – Gold prices continued to push higher after five month low levels seen a numerous amount of times.

Talking Points:

EUR/USD Technical Strategy: Short at 1.1211.

EUR/JPY is on the rise target being 114.322

GBP/USD is also has two levels will rise to 1.22370 or drop to 1.21362

USD/CAD will rise to 1.33721.
Euro losses after dropping to low level in nearly 9 months seen.

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