January 9, 2016

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How to Subscribe for Forex Signals at FxPremiere

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1. Select from our forex signal packages

Choose from our 3 signal packages. Whether you’re a beginner trader or you have been trading a little while, our package options cater to all levels of traders.

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2. Complete your purchase

Using our secure payment options, simply proceed with Payment Options.

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3. Check for our welcome email

Once we have received your payment, you will soon shortly receive our welcome email.

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4. Activate SMS Signals

Replying to our email with your mobile/cell number will activate your SMS forex signals to be sent along with your email signals.

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5. You’re all set!

First signal of the day arrives via SMS, all further signals will be sent via email.

Delivering Daily Live Forex Signals Sent by SMS & Email at 3pm switzerland time

How our Signals Work

How Forex Signals Work – The signals you receive will look like this:

Simply place the trades using the specified details, but make sure to apply the necessary Take Profit and Stop Levels as instructed…

how forex signals

BUY ▲ USD/CHF @ 0.96208 – FINAL TP 0.96676 – SL 30pips
SELL ▼ EUR/USD @ 1.08759 – FINAL TP 1.08199 – SL 30pips
SELL STOP ▼ USD/CAD @ 1.26202 – FINAL TP 1.25960 – SL 30pips
BUY  LIMIT ▲ EUR/JPY @ 129.560 – FINAL TP 130.077 – SL 30pips

Example of what TP1 , TP2 TP3 look like

how forex signals


Set your Take Profit: How to Place them

forex signals explained

1 TP Level 1: +10pips ( close if you wish at +10pips )
 2 TP Level 2: +20pips ( close if you wish at +20pips )
3 TP Level 3: +30pips( close if you wish at +30pips )
4 TP Level 4: +40pips ( close if you wish at +40pips )

Set your Stop Loss:

Use a 30pip Stop Loss barrier unless stated otherwise.
Some traders put a trailing stop of 30 pips.


RULE – If TP1 is hit then it’s +10pips, if TP2 is hit then +20pips, if TP3 is hit then it varies depending on what the Final TP is. We send out direct levels (eg: TP 1.5456). Most of our trades will hit the Final TP3. However if TP2 is reached, move SL to TP1 (+10pips level) level If TP3 is approached then move SL to TP2 (+20pips) level. Always use a 30pip Stop Loss barrier unless stated otherwise.

Look how forex signals work by simply reading the above methodology. You will notice that how forex signals are simple. You receive the Forex signals via SMS & email daily around 3pm Switzerland time frame. You can then place them on your DEMO or LIVE account ( at your own risk ) . Simple

Please Note – how forex signals work policy – Our signals are for educational/informational purposes and are only to be used on demo accounts. Any subscriber using our signals on a Live Account is fully responsible for their trading activity.Download our Forex APP

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