December 3, 2015

Introducing Broker

For USA Residents ( Sponsored Listing ) 

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Become a Forex Introducing Broker in FX

Become a Forex Introducing Broker and start earning commission off every referring client you send to open up a Forex trading account.

For NON USA Residents ( Rest of the World )

Become a Forex Introducing Broker in FX

Become a Forex Introducing Broker and start earning commission off every referring client you send to open up a Forex trading account.

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Best Forex Introducing Broker

Why work with FxPremiere as an Introducer:

  • Weekly Commission
  • Frequent IB Commission Payments
  • Sub IBs rebates are equal to 20% of the spread or commission charged to the client
  • Our recommended broker has one of the highest leverages in the industry
  • up to 1:1000, depending on account types.
  • Your Own Personal Relationship Manager
  • Access to Select Partner Tools
  • Access to Powerful Back Office
  • Multi Account Manager
  • Customised Commission Plan
  • High Volume Deposits and Round Turn Lots
  • Free Reporting Tools
  • Free web banners and advertising material
  • Competitive spreads
  • Flexible leverage up to 1:500
  • Simple registration
  • Fast execution
  • Free daily market analysis support
  • Multilingual support
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal options

    What are the benefits of joining our IB program?

    • Work with a highly respected broker with full automated execution, segregated account and the promise that you will be taken seriously for coming through FxPremiere.
    • Earn extra income from referring traders. Income is continuous dependent upon your introduced clients trades.
    • Work for yourself in your own time.
    • Access to the IB Marketing Portal. Download material to create attractive websites which add genuine value for your visitors.
    • Access to Analytics.

    Payment conditions

    • Earn revenue every time your clients trade
    • No dependence upon your clients success
    • Each funded account can generate income
    • A single net deposit can generate $50 in IB Bonus

Cent, Standard, ECN accounts

No commissions

Micro lots on all accounts

iPhone, iPad, Android

MetaTrader 4 and 5, WebTrader

Scalping and Hedging allowed

Forex, CFDs, Futures, ETFs, Energies

Signals & PAMM available

Video Tutorials, Articles

Personal account manager

Regular Live Webinars

Promotions, Contests & Cashback

How does the new rebate scheme differ from the old one?

The new rebate scheme is different in that it is dynamic; this means that an Introducer’s rebates increase as their clients’ trading volume increases.

How exactly does it work?

The percentage of an Introducer’s rebates will change dynamically according to the volume of lots their clients trade.

The table below illustrates how the scheme works in more detail.

Volume of Standard Lots Traded Percentage of Rebates, % Your Payment Cycle
0-10 10% Weekly
10.01-25 15% Weekly
25.01-45 20% Weekly
45.01-90 25% Weekly
90.01-180 30% Weekly
180.01-350 35% Weekly
350.01-550 40% Weekly
550.01-9999 45% Weekly

Partners commission calculation is totally dynamic. It’s based on lots. Higher volume higher percentage from spreads, up to $15 per lot.

Referred clients


Trading volume

First client


15 lot

First client


10 lot

First client


25 lot

First client


10 lot

First client


40 lot

number of lots (15 + 5 + 35 + 20) * commission per lot 10 USD = 900$

Let’s now assume, the average trading volume of each five clients is as low as 2 lots per day:

22 (Trading days in a month) * 10 (5 clients * 2 lots per day) * commission per lot 10 USD = 2200$

Number of clients

Average trading volume per day

Forex IB Commission (in a month)


2 lot

1320 USD



3300 USD 


1 lot

4400 USD 


0.5 lot

7040 USD 


0.8 lot

17600 USD 

Trading volume (lot) of a trader varies depending on Trader personality, Deposit amount and Trading strategy

Day traders (Intra-day traders) trade an average number of 5 trades per week.

Scalpers trade an average number of 10 trades per day

Long term trades trade an average amount 10 trades in a month

Detail calculation is provided from Personal Account Manager.

Can I see an example?

Here are two examples explaining how the new scheme works:

Example 1:

Let’s assume that you currently have 2 active traders referred under your Introducing Broker link. You started the week, i.e. your payment cycle with up to 10% rebate. By market close on Friday, your clients’ volume reaches 175 standard lots in closed qualifying transactions.* On the following Monday we pay you rebate based on 30%.

*Lots opened and closed within less than 1 minute shall not qualify to be included in the total volume

Example 2:

Let’s assume that you currently have 15 active traders referred under your Introducing Broker link. You started the week.

i.e. your payment cycle with 10% rebate. By market close on Friday, your clients’ volume reaches 402 standard lots in closed qualifying transactions.

In short, your rebate level does not have to be stuck on one particular percentage while your portfolio is growing.

SUB IB Commision ( Per Trade)

High IB commission up to $15 per lot

Multi-level partner commission up to 15%

Daily crediting of IB commission, weekly payouts

Big reputability & brand name, high clients conversion rate

IB withdrawal methods

Bank wire, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller

Become a Forex Introducing Broker All you have to do is refer clients to our partner broker, and we will reward you for it. Each time one of your referred clients makes a trade, you will receive a commission. The program comes at no cost, it’s available to all our registered clients and is the perfect first step to building a vast network of partners. Our Partners provide a complete range of accounts that cater for all your trading needs. Offering Standard, Pro Accounts, Cent, ECN, ECN MT5 and ECN Zero accounts. Plus Swap Free conditions available on all account types. Become a Forex Introducing Broker. So become a Forex introducing broker now.

How many clients do I need to introduce before I can receive rebates?

You need to introduce a minimum of 3 actively trading and fully approved clients monthly. An active client is someone who closed at least 1 transaction in his trading account during payment period.

What rebates do you offer?

We offer a percentage of the actual spread or commission charged to the account, depending on the account type. You can increase the percentage you receive if you meet target requirement.

Please note that any increase in volumes traded will reflect in the following calendar month.

Please contact your Account Manager for further details on various rebate schemes that we offer.

How will any rebates be paid to me?

Once your agreement has been approved, we will provide you with a separate partner account where your rebates will be shown. Rebates are paid every Monday (or monthly, depending on your rebate scheme) into you Partnership wallet. Once rebates are transferred to your Partnership wallet, you can choose to withdraw your rebates by transferring them internally to any of your own trading accounts.

Will I be paid on a weekly or monthly basis?

Your IB rebate can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the type of IB agreement you have signed. If you have signed a standard IB agreement and if you meet all the required criteria, you will be paid on a weekly basis on Mondays. However, IBs on special terms are normally paid on a monthly basis. This includes all special IB rebates, mark ups and master IBs. In these cases, payments will be processed on the first Monday of every month.

Can I choose which trading account I receive the rebates to?

become a Forex introducing brokerRebates are paid to your Partnership Wallet every Monday (or monthly, depending on your rebate scheme). You can then choose to transfer the rebates internally to any of your own trading accounts.

What is the difference between a Partner Account and a Partnership Wallet?

Your Partner account is your IB account, which is a non-trading account in which you are able to see all the commissions you are entitled to receive. You can obtain a Partner Account once you meet the criteria set out in your IB agreement. Your Partner Account is also used as your IB ID that your clients can use to request to be assigned under you. Once you meet the necessary criteria, your IB rebate will be transferred automatically from your Partner Account to your Partnership Wallet. Your Partnership Wallet indicates how much IB rebate you can transfer to your trading account and from there you are able to withdraw it or use it for trading. So join our programme and become a Forex introducing broker today!

Can I see my clients’ deposited amount?

In the Introducers Panel, IBs can create the report in which data will be displayed regarding IB commission, full name of the client including his login number (trading account), country, registration date, any credited bonus and the date of the last deposit. Currently, IBs are not able to see the amount that their clients deposited.

I have a client who did not register through my link. What can I do?

The client will need to send us an email directly to [email protected] and request that his account is moved under you. Without an email from the client himself we are unable to move the account.

When can I withdraw my commissions?

You can only withdraw these when they have been transferred to your Partnership Wallet. For the moment these are usually transferred every Monday, except for certain types of rebate schemes where rebates are paid on a monthly basis instead of weekly, on the first Monday of the month.

Please contact your Account Manager for further details.

I can see commissions, however I cannot withdraw them. Why?

This may be because you have not received or returned our Introducers Agreement. We are unable to pay the commissions earned until we receive this from you. If you never received it to begin with, please contact your Account Manager to let them know.

Why can’t I withdraw from my IB account?

Please note that you can only withdraw commission once it is reflected inside your Partnership Wallet.

When your clients close trades, the commissions earned on these will be shown in the equity in your Partner Account (which reflects your Partner ID). If your commission is not shown in your Partnership Wallet, it is likely that your commissions have not been verified yet. Please note that commissions are verified and checked each Monday (or monthly, depending on your rebate scheme) and the amount will be updated to your Partnership Wallet accordingly.

Please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

What is an IB ID/Partner ID?

When you request to become one of our partners you will automatically acquire your own Partner ID; this is a 7 digit number beginning with 49XXXXXX. For any clients you refer to us using your Partner link, this number will automatically be prefixed into their registration. If you referred a client to us and he did not use one of your links, the client can send us an email and we can update his account to be under you as an Introducer.

What is an Forex Introducing Broker?

An Introducer is the term given to someone who introduces new clients to a firm and is compensated for doing so. For each trade your introduced clients make with our partner broker, you will receive a commission.

How the Forex IB program works – become a Forex introducing broker

  1. The IB has an online database portal created by the our partner broker to track client registrations and deposits, become an introducing broker today! Become a Forex Introducing Broker.
  2.  The Introducing Broker is free to pursue leads in any way he feels will be beneficial to both his/her portfolio.
  3. The client registers a live trading account on the website of our partner broker through the link provided by the IB and may ask questions direct to the broker or the IB. The IB may allow the FX broker to act as single point of contact in generating customer service for the client.

Why Become an Introducing Broker?

By becoming an Introducing Broker you can expand your business.

Master Introducing Broker in Forex

The main feature with using an IB is that you are introduced to a regulated Forex Signals Broker. As there are many unregulated forex brokers the idea is to make sure you are using a genuine broker who may be registered with FCA, CFTC, CySec, BAFiN, MiFID etc.

Why sign up with FxPremiere – become a Forex introducing broker?

FxPremiere is a trustworthy FX signals provider that has educated subscribers from all over the Forex world. We only form partnerships with reliable and trusted brokers. If you sign up as an IB with our trusted broker, you will get access to a trusted and proven service. Read our FOREX SIGNALS FAQ

Just be sure to check that you are permitted by your countries laws to open an account with our recommended broker as FxPremiere is not a Forex broker, and we take no responsibility. Our preferred broker does not accept US clients. Download our FOREX SIGNALS APP

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