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EURUSD Uptrend 04 03 2021

EURUSD Uptrend 04 03 2021Continuing its movement in the global uptrend that began in May 2020, the price came to the support zone in the middle of this 1.205 channel. This zone formed at the intersection of the strong support level and the line formed in the middle of the channel. And from this zone, we have repeatedly been able to observe the price correction. This time, too, the price touched the zone at the beginning of the week, increased minimally and rolled back again. Therefore, now I expect it to consolidate in the zone and continue to grow. Thus, my final target is the resistance line at 1.223.

EURGBP Uptrend 04 03 2021

EURGBP Uptrend 04 03 2021It has almost touched this 0.859 zone. In this zone, the support level and two lines intersect, one of which appeared in June 2020 and the second in 2013! I expect the price to complete the downtrend in this zone since last September. It will touch the 0.859 support zone and rise to the 0.869 resistance line.

GBPCAD Downtrend 04 03 2021

GBPCAD Downtrend 04 03 2021In July 2020, the price touched the strong resistance zone 1.763 and collapsed from it. The next time the price was able to reach this zone only at the end of January 2021. And throughout February it moved within it. The price came to the zone during the growth in the ascending channel since September last year. The upper border of this channel also gives the price additional resistance and now I expect that from the resistance zone of 1.763 the price will collapse to the support line. We expect the price to come to the 1.745 support line. This will be our goal.

AUDCAD Upward Trend 04 03 2021

AUDCAD Upward Trend 04 03 2021One of the main lines on the chart is the support line formed in October 2020.

Despite the fact that the line is not very long, it has repeatedly reversed the price during the fall. In addition, every reversal took place with little or no correction. Recently the price dropped from the resistance line of 0.999 and is now at the support line of 0.983. At this line, the price is well entrenched and now I expect new growth. Thus, my final target is the resistance line at 1.002.

Live Forex News 04 03 2021

XAUUSD Uptrend 04 03 2021

XAUUSD Uptrend 04 03 2021As you remember, Gold has been in a downtrend since August 2020. At the same time, it showed strong growth several times, such as in November during the US elections or in January during the Capitol riots. However, in general, the trend continues. Nevertheless, I continue to expect the price to rise. Gold has been in a strong support zone for several days now. In this zone, two lines of August 2020 and May 2016 intersect. The price is testing this zone by means of pullbacks and corrections, and yet I expect that it will soon begin to rise. I expect the price to rise and come to the resistance area of 1800.37.

Live Forex News 04 03 2021

Live Forex News 04 03 2021