Stocks Hit Limit Up

Stocks Hit Limit Up – Asian markets have opened up strongly and are pushing upwards after another wild night of trading.

During the US session the SPX, Dow and Nasdaq all posted double-digit losses, but now we are seeing futures markets hitting their daily limit up moves.

Volatility is at extreme levels which we can see from the VIX which is now above 80, with conditions we haven’t really seen since the GFC.

Today, the swings continue with AUD/USD and NZD/USD both bouncing hard. The Aussie has found support at the 0.6100 and appears to be slowing the falls.

One of the most interesting trades at the moment is the GOLD trade. It is clear that the safe-haven trade in Gold is not there at the moment as the seller’s pile in as well.

Stocks Hit Limit UpFed Fallout

Most of the fallout came on the back of the central banks cutting interest rates to record low levels with the Fed moving to virtually zero. Instead of lifting confidence it appears to have had the opposite effect. It caused investors to look for the door to take risk off the table. President Trump spoke about taking measures to prevent the virus from spreading, however, reactions were mixed.

The old saying that, ‘cash is trash’, isn’t holding up anymore and even the likes of the big hedge funds including the famous Bridgewater Associates is starting at losses of greater than 20% at the moment.

So again the best advice at the moment is to trade with the momentum of the session. We are seeing huge moves on a daily basis and trading with the momentum of the session is key.

Stocks Hit Limit UpsToday, equity futures are rallying hard, so that is the trade of the day. As we know, after huge moves to the downside, markets often retrace.

But trade small and protect your account at all times. Here are some tips to better understand how to trade in volatile markets.

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