Live Forex Signals Report by on trading is one of the most popular markets for traders across the globe. There are many unique features of the commodity market that make them more attractive to traders.

How to Trade the Forex Market

How to Trade the Forex Market

Trap #1: The Leverage Trap

How to side-step this trap? The Feet-On-Ground Strategy

Greed is an inherent attribute of all human beings. Understanding this inherent limitation, take a firm decision not to get carried away by profits. These simple steps will ensure that your feet are firmly placed on the ground.

Leading Economic Indicators

Trap #2: The Analyzer Trap

Making a good analysis of the market situation is an essential prerequisite of decision making.

Gold Trading Tips for Beginners

The result? Utter confusion and loss of valuable time! The purpose is to get a broad view of what is happening in the market and its behavior. For that, you need not analyze every chart from the minute chart to the monthly chart.

Dollar Up as U.S. and U.K. Scramble

A trader shows U.S. dollar notes at a currency exchange booth in Peshawar, Pakistan December 3, 2018. REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz

How to side-step this trap? The Commando Strategy

Be very clear in your mind about your preferred time frame. It varies from trader to trader depending on his style and type of trading. As in a commando operation, you use only those charts that are just enough to arrive at the right decision.

Trap #3: The No-Limit Trap

If you look at how successful players trade, you will find that they all have many rules set in place for themselves. One such important rule is related to the limits that they set for themselves.

Tips for Forex Trading Beginners

Forex Volatility - What Are The Most Volatile Currency Pairs?

Forex Volatility – What Are The Most Volatile Currency Pairs?

How to Start Trading

Learning Forex Signal Market

Next, determine the size of the loss that you will incur on any specific day. This means that if you set your maximum daily loss at $1000 dollars a day and you incur the loss with just 2 hours into trading; you will make a compulsory exit from the market irrespective of your confidence and determination to win the lost amount back from the market. Such firm decisions will help you to not fall in the beginners traps.

Forex for Beginners

There are several other significant and insignificant traps in commodity trading. To put up a safe and consistent trading performance, you should keep educating yourself about these traps and develop strategies to side-step them.

Forex Trading for Beginners


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