What are signals?

What are signals?

Signalers are third-party groups of technical analysts in the Capital Markets that send out Crypto and Forex alerts.. If you subscribe to one of these signalers, your hopper will buy or sell every time it receives a signal from them. So far, FxPremiere is the only manual trading platform to embed signalers on their platform via sma and email, making trading very easy and very effective for a lot of our forex subscribers.

Our signalers have great opportunities.

What are signals?

There are over 27 signalers to choose from within FxPremiere. They are separated into two categories: unofficial and unofficial. See our Copy Trading system. You can see this from the little check mark. Our unofficial signalers are scanned through a telegram bot. Whenever these signalers change their formatting we have to adjust our bot. This means sometimes there will be periods where the unofficial signalers send out signals, and your hopper won’t get them.

Fun fact: Signaler Coindicator, uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to screen hundreds of technical indicators 24/7 for all digital currencies and provides high-quality trading signals.

Subscribing to a signaller

Some of the signalers, like Crypto Bullet, are free of charge. Coindicator and Mining Hamster are paid channels. When you subscribe to their service, you have the right to use the paid subscription for all your Hoppers.

Performance reports

All signalers have performance reports. Here you can see what signals they have sent, for which pair (mostly BTC) and for which exchange.

Unsubscribing from a signaller

Please go to “Subscriptions” on the documentation to find a detailed explanation of this.

Signal Configuration

We all know you can configure our Signals, but did you know you can configure your Signaler as well?


Pause SignalWhen enabled the signals will not place an order when the signal comes in that you place manually in your platform.
Market OrderAn important feature! When your membership email and SMS receives a signal, it places limit orders. If the rate of the currency goes up too fast, your FxPremiere alerts will have troubles to buy the currency. This is where Market Order can help you.
Buy amount in .. (BTC)If you want to overwrite your base config and set a different buy amount for this Signaler, you can enter your buy amount here. For example: 0.001 or 100. This overrides your base config.
Percentage ProfitEnter the percentage of profit you want to make with these signals. Whenever a coin goes over this percentage, it will be sold. This overrides your base config.
Percentage Higher BidAn alternative for Market Order, or you can use them together. If you want to bid higher then the signal price, you can enter a percentage here, for example: 0.5. This will help you buy signals that are in a pump.
Allow All Coins
Only for Kangaroo hoppers
When enabled this will select all coins for this signaller, and disables your strategy. Your Hopper won’t scan for buys, but waits until it receives a signal.

Buy signals

Your FxPremiere will try sending you signals via email and sms 5 times currency with it’s limit orders. This isn’t always as desirable.

Market order and Percentage Higher Bid, helps you to buy the signal on the first time, but for more than the currency is signaled for.

If you lower your “Max open time buy” in your normal config, your signals  will try it again and create new limit orders more quickly.

Daily Trading Signals

Placing a market order means that the hopper opens a position at the CURRENT ticker rate, instead of the rate of the signal, meaning that you will make more buys, but it could result in a lower percentage profit.

Configuring your SMS signals

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