What is Ethereum Signals?

What is Ethereum Signals

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What is Ethereum Signals?

What is Ethereum Signals? Lets explain.

Ethereum (ETH) is an open software platform made by the elite, based on blockchain world known technology, which enables developers to build and release decentralised applications. It’s actually much more than a cryptocurrency, that’s just one part of Ethereum’s option available. A Signal in Bitcoin Trading Alerts from FxPremiere.com is an alert on the direction of the Trading Digital cryptocurrency trading  An SMS and Email is sent to subscribers worldwide in order to follow.

So, it’s like Bitcoin then? Well, yes and no. The two built using distributed public network technology – known as blockchain – but that’s really where the similarity ends. Bitcoin offers a single application, a peer-to-peer electronic currency system that allows online payments. It’s essentially a currency in its purest form from Bitcoin Trading Alerts. While Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to track who owns Bitcoins, Ethereum uses blockchain as a platform for running almost any decentralised application.

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What-is-Ethereum-Signals What is Ethereum Signals?

Where Did Ethereum Come from and Who Invented It?

Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher who previously worked on Bitcoin, in 2013/2014. An online sale held in 2014, formed the main part of funding for the new platform. The system went live in July 2015, populated with 11.5m ‘coins’ ready for sale.

How Does Ethereum Signal Work?

In the Ethereum blockchain, instead of ‘mining’ for Bitcoin, users work to earn ‘Ether’, a type of crypto-currency that fuels the bigger network. Beyond being a tradeable cryptocurrency, Ether is also used by developers to pay for services on the Ethereum hub.

What Is Blockchain ?

A blockchain is a public ledger which keeps track of all transactions.  It’s constantly being added to when blocks are ‘finished’.

bitcoinsignals-300x169 What is Ethereum Signals?

Where can you spend Ether investment?

Ether is increasingly being used to pay for certain services online.

History of Price of Ether

As can be seen in the chart below, since Ethereum’s inception in 2015, its cryptocurrency, Ether, showed slow progress in its first year. 2017 has been an entirely different story, however. The cryptocurrency started the year on $9.76, since then this price has hit the all-time-high of $411.11, that’s an increase of over 5000%.

Why Is Ether’s Price Rising So Fast?

What’s the cause of this rapid bullish trend? Increased investor awareness.

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