When Can You Trade Forex?

Trading Forex Signals with AI Robots

  1. Forex Trading Sessions

    Just because the forex market is open 24 hours a day doesn’t mean it’s always active! See how the forex market is broken up into four major trading sessions and which ones provides the most opportunities.

  2. When Can You Trade Fx: Tokyo Session

    Godzilla, Nintendo, and sushi! What’s not to like about Tokyo?!? The Tokyo session is sometimes referred to as the Asian session, which is also the session where we start fresh every day!

  3. Can You Trade Fx: London Session

    Not only is London the home of Big Ben, David Beckham, and the Queen, but it’s also considered the forex capital of the world–raking in about 30% of all forex transactions every day!

    When Can You Trade Fx: New York Session

    New York baby! The concrete jungle where forex dreams are made of! Just like Asia and Europe, the U.S. is considered one of the top financial centers in the world, so it definitely sees its fair share of action–and then some!

  4. Best Times of Day to Trade Forex

    Trading is all about volatility and liquidity. Which times of day provide the most dynamic market action and volumes?

  5. Best Days of the Week to Trade Forex

    Each trader should know when to trade and when NOT to trade. Read on to find out the best and worst times to trade.

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