Why Forex SMS Signals are helping the FX Industry

FxPremiere and Why Forex SMS Signals are helping the FX Industry

Why Forex SMS Signals are helping the FX Industry

Why Forex SMS Signals are helping the FX Industry Worldwide. In today’s world, many traders, newbee’s shall we call it are entering this volatile also known as High-risk Industry with NO or little knowledge of how to Trade the Capital markets regardless of instrument.

FXPG AKA FxPremiere.com has been running for over 5 years now in the EDUCATIONAL Sector; of the FX Markets, for ALL types of Forex Traders, Beginners, Intermediates or even the Professional fx traders that are looking for an extra EDGE in success.


When Subscribing to FXPremiere.com you will get access to FREE LIVE DAILY FOREX NEWS including FREE FOREX LEARNING GUIDES.

You will also have access to :

Buy Forex Signals

Open Forex Account

Join FxPremiere Group for Signals sent daily for the following pairs listed:

  • EUR/USD (euro/dollar) – “euro”
  • USD/JPY (U.S. dollar/Japanese yen) – “gopher”
  • GBP/USD (British pound/dollar) – “cable”
  • USD/CHF (U.S. dollar/Swiss franc) – “swissie” …
  • AUD/USD (Australian dollar/U.S. dollar) – “aussie”
  • USD/CAD (U.S. dollar/Canadian dollar) – “loonie”
  • US OIL
  • XAU/USD ( Gold )

Why Forex SMS Signals are helping the FX IndustryOur division of Experts working online globally work together in order to make sure all signals sent are as accurate as possible. Please also do remember that our signals are based on LIVE Prices however are for Informational purposes only. We have many subscribers using our signals on live accounts at their own risk fully as we only promote them to be placed on Demo accounts to learn the many factors that include;

Stop Loss – Take Profit – Buy Stop – Sell Stop – Buy Limit – Sell Limit – Trailing Stop

Simply by following our signals and placing them on a platform such as Metatrader 4 platform which is also known as the most used forex signal trading platform worldwide!

Requirements for Metatrader 4

Traders will need a fast and reliable Internet connection in order to execute trades and receive data with as little latency and interruption as possible. Other than this, it’s really a matter of just choosing a reliable forex broker when you want to take your trading skills onto a live account.

Open a forex account with our Recommended Broker.

Download the platform here.

Once installed you will need create an account. At this point you can search and find a forex broker you wish to open a demo account with. After you create your demo account you will get to take your first glimpse of the trading platform.

As above the Signals via SMS and Email looks like so :

example forex signals
BUY ▲ USD/CHF @ 0.96208 – FINAL TP 0.96676 – SL 30pips
SELL ▼ EUR/USD @ 1.08759 – FINAL TP 1.08199 – SL 30pips
SELL STOP ▼ USD/CAD @ 1.26202 – FINAL TP 1.25960 – SL 30pips
BUY  LIMIT ▲ EUR/JPY @ 129.560 – FINAL TP 130.077 – SL 30pips

You can then follow our path on how to place the signal, but following our HOW IT WORKS page. Our recommendation is to read AN Introduction to Forex Signals before you read any other literature.

How Live Forex Trading Signals are created…

A technical and or fundamental analysis of the fx exchange capital market is used to create fx trading signal to utilize points to define FX market trend. FxPremiere.com are able to identify favorable entry and exit points; and this information is sent to signal services allowing them to keep traders informed.

Main methods of receiving signals:

  • 1- Via Email
  • 2- Via SMS
  • 3- Via an App

Some of the different indicators used to generate signals include:

  1. SMA (Simple Moving Average): A currency pairs SMA is calculated directly from FX currency charts.
  2. MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence): The 26-day exponential moving average (EMA) indicator is defined by the relationship between the 26-day EMA and the 12-day EMA, with the 9-day EMA serving as a “signal line” which acts as a trigger.
  3. Volume: Used as an indication of the market’s interest in specific pairs of currency, the volume indicator movement shows a new trend may be starting.
  4. Bollinger Bands: Tightening of a band’s width for a pair of specific currencies often precedes volatile exchange prices.




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